Capital One Home Loans is determined to not foreclose on any of the mortgages it services in California, according to sources inside the company. Agents of real estate-owned properties in the state first noticed the change in January. "Normally, Capital One puts 20 or so homes into the market a month," said one broker in California. "That shrank to one in January and zero on February." The broker heard it was due to a foreclosure moratorium by Capital One in order to review the documentation. However, a HousingWire source at Capital One said the firm is focusing on foreclosure alternatives. The favored options, he said, are short sales and modifications. "Customer service is the corporate mantra of Capital One, and this strategy is just a part of that," he said. The press office of Capital One confirmed that foreclosures in California are an option of last resort. They could not immediately confirm the above numbers or comment if the pilot program may be extended to other states. Last year, Capital One originated $1.75 billion in mortgages in 2009, down from nearly $2 billion in 2008. Write to Jacob Gaffney. Follow him on Twitter @JacobGaffney.