Calyx Software, a leading provider of mortgage loan origination and processing software, previewed a new addition to its line of products, called the Point Software Development Kit, at the annual MBA National Technology in Mortgage Banking Conference in Dallas on Tuesday. The Point SDK facilitates integration with a client’s internal applications or with third party vendors seeking to offer software compatible with the Calyx Point loan origination software. "The introduction of Point SDK enables companies to integrate their current customer relationship management system, sales tools, lead generation software or any other back office systems with Calyx Point," said Dennis Boggs, senior vice president of Calyx Software. 'The software development kit allows the transfer of data to and from Point and other business applications, streamlining company processes." Point SDK serves as a two-way interface, providing the ability to read information from or write information into Point. It enables a company to develop applications that can access Point loan data from local folders or from Point Data Server. "Point SDK enables us to take our existing applications and fully integrate them into Calyx Point," said Matt Berry, IT manager at First Option Mortgage. "Before, there really was no way to have First Options’ internal databases communicate." For more information, visit