Byte Software, a Kirkland, Wash.-based mortgage software developer, integrated the LoanSifter product and pricing engine into its BytePro loan origination software. The LoanSifter tool includes a point-of-sale loan eligibility and pricing engine, lock desk and rate sheet generator. Byte Software is integrating the Banker Edition of LoanSifter and reduces data input and errors by loan originators. “LoanSifter’s streamlined, easy-to-read format means originators don’t have to waste time searching through unnecessary numbers and suggestions to get the information they need,” said LoanSifter president Bruce Backer. “Secondary managers and originators tell us that they are looking for ways to manage risk and efficiently secure more transactions. They understand that integration translates to increased control and immediate answers — two factors that can make the difference in growing your business in a challenging market,” he added. Byte Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of real estate settlement services and fraud prevention solutions provider CBCInnovis. LoanSifter provides the banking industry with tools to price, market and manage loans. Write to Austin Kilgore.