A Fort Myers, Fla. real estate broker is launching an auction Web site to sell luxury homes. Homes listed on the site will have a Web page with an audio virtual tour, interactive floor plan, press release, podcast and online bidding function. The home will receive a pre-listing inspection and staging as well, said Robin Speronis, owner and broker of Zen Real Estate. “Over 90% of affluent luxury home buyers start their home search online. It's a natural progression to online bidding,” she said. “With the buying process in such a state of constant change, it is imperative the selling process adapt to give buyers exactly what they want.” To ensure that only serious bidders participate in the auction, the Web sites are password-protected. Speronis, who also runs a blog about Florida real estate, is offering three packages for listing homes on the auction site ranging in price from $3,995 to $9,995. Write to Austin Kilgore.