The Federal Reserve latest mortgage bond purchases so far are helping profit margins at lenders including ()and () more than homebuyers and property owners looking to refinance.

This, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Bankrate.

"Since the Fed’s Sept. 13 announcement that it would buy $40 billion more securities per month, the rates offered for new 30-year loans have () by just 0.11 percentage point, compared with a drop of more than 0.6 percentage point for yields on the () into which the loans get packaged. The () between the two, which typically signals increasing lender revenue when it widens, has reached a record of more than 1.6 percentage point."

Jody Shenn reports: "Margins on sales of mortgages have widened by about 50 percent since the Fed’s announcement from the average level this year, which already was elevated, said Kevin Barker, an analyst at Washington-based Compass Point Research & Trading LLC."