Asset Management Specialists, a national REO foreclosure-property preservation firm, engaged Distressed Asset Logistics (DAL) as a consultant this week.

Distressed Asset Logistics helps banks, credit unions and asset management firms organize their default services and REO activities.

DAL’s chief consultant and founder Derrick Logan will assume the position of senior vice president of strategic development to represent Asset Management Specialists in its quest to build market share for its default platform.

"This is a great opportunity and I’m very pleased to be working with Asset Management Specialists," Logan said. "AMS has what it takes to survive the shakeout that’s coming to this part of the mortgage business. I’ve looked at their business and believe there are some opportunities that, if capitalized upon immediately, will allow AMS to grow, even in this environment."

The move is coming at a time when servicers are seeing their businesses normalize, prompting them to change the way they deal with property preservation and asset management.