One alternative to standard residential mortgage foreclosure mediation mandated by the Florida Supreme Court in 2009 is now available statewide. The Foreclosure Mediation Program, under the nonprofit Earth's Angels United, is an alternative mediation experience that boasts exceptional customer service and attention to homeowners. The program is managed by The Mediation Center Southeast, a woman-owned business that's driving the expansion. Colleen Sharkey, CEO of Mediation Center Southeast, claimed extra "hand holding" along with direct and timely referrals to the Department of Housing and Urban Development are what make the difference. "We tell our homeowners going through mediation, we can get the lenders to the table if you come to the mediation session," Sharkey said. "We are more effective." The Foreclosure Mediation Program is under the direction and guidance of Mediator and Attorney Leanne Levett. Partners of The Mediation Center Southeast include Sharkey, Mike Gross (EVP of operations), Scott Banta (VP of Facilities and Branches), and Jim Harte (chief technology officer). Write to Christine Ricciardi. Follow her on Twitter @HWnewbieCR.