First, we had movie subscriptions, then meal plan subscriptions. Now, there are real estate subscriptions. 

Smart Start Real Estate Group is introducing subscription-based services for real estate investors, allowing them to pay a fixed fee for help buying and selling properties rather than calculating a fee based on sale price or square footage.

The Virginia-based startup says it aims to turn the broker model on its head by eschewing the standard percentage-based fee for every transaction.

Instead, investors who buy or sell a number of commercial or residential properties per year can save money by committing to Smart Start, enabling them to flip properties with more control over their bottom line. 

Smart Start also offers a similar flat-fee service for home sellers, charging them $2,499 for help listing, negotiating and closing the sale of their house regardless of the home’s sale price or square footage.

Smart Start Founder Usman Sayed said he thinks his flat-fee-based broker model can revolutionize the real estate industry.

"One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that the companies that brought revolutionary ideas to their industries and adopted creative new methods are reaping rewards from disruptive innovation,” Sayed said.

"For example, Netflix that has changed the way we view movies today, or Amazon that has grown from a fledgling online bookseller to one of the most valuable and powerful corporations in modern history."