F1In the last few years, United Wholesale Mortgage has become a top-3 overall lender and the nation’s largest wholesale lender.

And that growth simply would not have been possible without the leadership of Sarah DeCiantis, who leads UWM’s marketing team. Under DeCiantis, UWM devised marketing campaigns and developed a redesigned website that have increased brand recognition by 36% in the past 18 months. DeCiantis leads marketing and strategy for UWM, overseeing advertising, public relations, social media, creative and customer relationship management that have helped build the company into one of the nation’s largest lenders. DeCiantis leads a 40-person marketing team and transformed it from more of a sales support team to an actual driver of revenue growth. In 2018, DeCiantis directed the re-launch of a new website for consumers to find a mortgage broker and for loan originators to find out how to become a mortgage broker. The sites, FindaMortgageBroker.com and BeaMortgageBroker.com, are dedicated to promoting the advantages of working with a mortgage broker for borrowers as well as real estate professionals and helping both of those groups effectively locate mortgage brokers in their area.