F1When you list all that Jan Clark does on a daily basis as senior vice president of sales and marketing at Black Knight, it’s easy to see why she is such an influential contributor.

Clark oversees sales, marketing, client services, account management and support services for the company’s suite of Ernst Fee Services. Clark was actually the ninth employee at Ernst, where she worked starting in 2003 until Black Knight acquired the company in 2018, a development she helped complete. Now, Clark dedicates much of her time to advancing the Ernst Fee Services suite. According to her colleagues, the success of the fee service can be largely attributed to Clark’s ability to develop strategic partnership with key players that range from data providers to tech partners. Clark has an impressive history in pushing for progress in the mortgage industry. During her time with Ernst, she worked with HUD and the CFPB to analyze how new legislation and rules were impacting fees, and worked with government representatives to set up educational panels for industry associations to help navigate new legislation. Clark sought out to tackle mortgage fraud, drawing on her past experience as an instructor for the FBI Academy at Quantico and the U.S. Department of Justice.