F1Courtney Keating Chakarun currently serves as the chief marketing officer of Roostify. In her position she combines her passion for marketing and innovation to advance the digital lending customer experience.

She has a laser focus on the customer and has developed a proprietary 360-degree research methodology to garner feedback from the mortgage ecosystem and uncover customer “delighters” and challenges in the application for a loan. Keating Chakarun is a thought leader in omni-channel marketing, customer research and the infusion of hyper-personalization to better the customer experience and elevate the lender brand. She spearheaded a new customer experience research methodology that works to eliminate common bias and drives to understand the mindset of applicants and unearth key customer concerns and challenges with a home lending experience. Keating Chakarun championed an evolved marketing structure with a digital first focus and provided thought leader in understanding how to infuse hyper-personalization into the mortgage origination process. She has a more than 20-year track record of driving growth in digital applications, platforms and consumer lending solutions.