In 2018, United Wholesale Mortgage closed out the year with $41.5 billion in total loan volume, making up nearly a quarter of the entire wholesale industry’s market share.

But it looks like UWM is setting the bar even higher in 2019, as the company has recently announced plans to change its pricing philosophy.

According to UWM’s announcement, it will now provide mortgage brokers with what it's calling “the best rates and pricing in America.”

“Perception has always been that a lender can’t deliver it all – the best service, great technology, a true partnership, and have the best pricing too – but now they can have it all,” United Wholesale Mortgage President and CEO Mat Ishbia said. “We’ve shattered expectations. If a mortgage broker has a borrower with a 640+ FICO, it should be a UWM loan.”

Under UWM’s new pricing philosophy, all state adjustments and many Loan Level Price Adjustments have been removed. Furthermore, the company promises to offer the best pricing on every loan with a 640 FICO and above.

This change to UWM’s pricing philosophy is just one of the many initiatives the company has put forward recently.

Toward the end of 2018, the company rolled out two products aimed at enhancing the way brokers do business, UClose 2.0 and One-Click AUS. UWM expects each solution will help brokers expand clientele and close loans faster than ever before.

“We’re known for having great products, pricing, service and technology, but the truth is that UWM is a great partner because we’re on the same team as our mortgage broker clients,” Ishbia recently told HousingWire Magazine. “We’re 100% aligned and tied at the hip. We’re not just a lender or an investor, we’re a partner.”

UWM said it expects 2019 to be a year of significant growth for its mortgage brokers, a bold statement considering the current climate in the mortgage market, which has lenders reporting notable hits to their profit margins.

“The mortgage broker channel will grow and UWM will grow right along with it,”  Ishbia said. "We’ll continue to partner with brokers and help them thrive in 2019 and beyond.” 

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