As president of Motto Mortgage, Ward Morrison is responsible for the growth strategy of the franchise brand.

Under Morrison’s leadership, Motto Mortgage has been named among the top 1% of fastest-growing emerging franchises in the United States.Vanguard logo

Ward MorrisonMorrison is responsible for leading, managing and oversight of franchise sales, on-boarding, training and ongoing support of the franchise network.

In the last 12 months, Motto Mortgage has grown office franchise sales from 50 to almost 100 offices. Furthermore, in less than 23 months of operation, the company has managed to establish more than 60 offices.

Morrison encourages personal growth as well. This past year, Morrison oversaw the complete creation and modification of the Motto 101 training, which provides franchise owners and brokers with the tools they need to grow their businesses.

The training takes place three days a month, and provides the opportunity for a new Motto Mortgage office broker owner or loan originator to learn about the ins and outs of the company, as well as all the compliance components very quickly.

Morrison explained that leadership must be agents of change every step of the way, as unexpected curveballs are a daily occurrence.

Morrison also developed key franchise and mortgage industry relationships, driving branding, marketing and operational design for the collaborative implementation of the new mortgage brokerage franchise model system.

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

“Being relentless. Creating a new franchise system is, at its roots, creating a startup. The entire company needs to be able to adapt on the fly, in a create-fast, fail-fast, fix-fast cycle.”