With more than 20 years of experience in software engineering, Matt Cesarz has led many successful, critical path teams in the financial services industry.

In fact, Cesarz spearheaded the strategic decision to open Optimal Blue’s platform to third-party systems, positioning the company at the center of the large growing ecosystem of technology providers that rely on its APIs.Vanguard logo

Matt CesarzAs vice president, Cesarz has made significant progress deploying and advancing Optimal Blue’s business intelligence platform, which leverages visualization tools to make data understandable and meaningful for its consumers. Within the first year of launching, more than 40 tech providers integrated into the Optimal Blue system and more than 100 clients subscribed for its services.

Through its RESTful API platform, Optimal Blue supports a deep integration of data and workflows across a variety of transactions including product eligibility, complete price results, and advanced lock desk functionality like re-locks, lock extensions, worst case pricing and change requests.

Cesarz has also made significant progress with the recent deployment and continued advancement of Optimal Blue’s robust business intelligence platform, which leverages sophisticated visualization tools to make data understandable and meaningful. With its many lender integrations, the company has a unique insight on the lending market that now able to provide  actionable, real-time insight to its client base.

Cesarz and his team have focused their energy on overhauling Optimal Blue’s legacy products with the latest technologies.

What has been your secret to success?

“Trust and confidence in others has rarely let me down. People are often eager for ownership and the accountability that comes with it. Oftentimes, I find the biggest challenge is helping people to see when they are over-committing themselves.”

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