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Think you know real estate brokerage? You don’t know nada

Farewell to the traditional brokerage business model

Let me alert you to the obvious… real estate has been forever changed! And while many will disregard the fire alarm like obstinate sophomores in a dorm, I assure you disruption is spreading. It has marched its way across Western Europe and Canada… and now at our doorstep, it’s knocking.

If you are a homeowner in the U.S., powerless to the 6% tollgate of brokerage commission, you now have a flat-fee alternative. The shift from commission-based pricing to value-based pricing is upon us. The “triple-H” (don’t worry… I’ll explain) among us, recalibrating the outdated operating system of real estate brokerage.

But who is behind this disintermediation?  The triple H! That’s right— hippies, hipsters and hackers.

The inner-hippies in each of us experimenting with alternative paths to a happier lifestyle. Hipsters among us who question the status-quo in effort to uncover important truths. Hackers that tinker with tools, providing valuable alternatives to mass-market production.

From Happy Hour bar napkins to co-working spaces everywhere, I come to you as a fellow comrade of the flat-fee movement. We are all anxious for you to know our names. All with different motivations behind the name tag.

Maybe I start with mine…

People are becoming increasingly untethered from their communities–detached from orbit into a whirlwind of lost identity. The American Dream is no longer a yellow-brick road, but a call to rebuild… together.  

The antiquated meme, pushing homeownership as a “long-term investment”, is changing. No longer does a homeowner have to calculate an equity loss of 6% when selling a home. The home should evolve and change with the needs of the family. Employment changes, kids grow up, lifestyles pivot… why can’t we change homes with more fluidity?

The flat-fee movement facilitates greater fluidity, empowerment and peace-of-mind in homeownership. The new American Dream is about seeing the home as a entrance to a community, not simply a vault of wealth creation.

As a fellow comrade, my motivation is to expand the identify of business. I believe in the power of community capital to drive business to more– more equity retained with homeowners, more refunds given to buyers, more revenue shared with real estate agents, more business done local, more environmental impact.  

As we fold into the center, convinced that coming together is our best path forward, I ask that you consider joining the movement. As a customer motivated to retain more home equity, a real estate agent preparing for the future or a business partner aligned with purpose–flat-fee brokerage has arrived.

With an updated operating system (flat-fee brokerage) and a new engine propelling us (community capital), we may just drive the cultural memes shaping a new American Dream for homeownership.

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