OpenClose, a multichannel loan origination system and mortgage fintech provider, recently announced the release of a new RESTful API suite, designed to offer its customers a secure and cost-efficient standardized solution.

The suite enables direct interaction with third party and home-grown systems, establishing connectivity options to drive communications and workflows, according to the company.

“One of OpenClose’s core goals is to create more efficient methods for our customers to conduct business, respond to changing market conditions and reduce the total cost to originate, close and sell loans,” OpenClose President JP Kelly stated.

According to the company, the API suite is a simpler way to integrate antiquated technologies, which are often perceived as labor intensive.

Kelly stated as customer business models evolve, new needs and requirements emerge that require flexibility and nimbleness to respond to changing marketplace conditions.

“Our RESTful API suite gives lenders the option to work with more third-party service providers,” Kelly continued. “Additionally, OpenClose customers can connect their own homegrown solutions or work with other software providers to custom tailor the perfect solution for their needs.” 

Notably, OpenClose recently brought on a key hire that could further their development initiatives.

In June, the company welcomed Joseph Wade as its senior software LOS and mortgage software developer.

Wade is expected to assist with OpenClose’s long-term software development strategy.

“OpenClose is constantly advancing and adding new functionality to our suite of mortgage software solutions, and Joseph’s extensive experience in the LOS space coupled with his rich development background will quickly add value,” OpenClose CEO and CTO Jason Regalbuto said in a statement.