Fiserv Lending Solutions is now Sagent Lending Technologies, a new name constructed from two words:

  • Sage, referring to the wisdom that Sagent has acquired through partnering with its valued clients over the years.
  • Agent, denoting that they continually aspire to be a catalyst for change within the lending industry.

While Sagent has changed its name, this does not reflect a change in its dedication to clients. Sagent is committed to helping its clients realize the promises they’ve made to their customers while staying faithful to their unique brand identity. Sagent’s continued promise to its lending clients is to deliver the best possible lending experience to their end-user customers.

Newly independent and inspired by a vision of where lending technology is going, Sagent brings an entrepreneurial energy to its clients that’s grounded in industry-leading credibility. Stressing that it’s only successful when its clients are successful, Sagent believes in a true partnership model with a healthy back and forth between its expert team of developers and the lenders the company has promised to serve.


LoanServ, Sagent’s mortgage servicing platform, allows lenders to perform essential back-office functions more efficiently. Loan boarding, collections, default management, and more are all built-in functions of the solution that allow servicers to spend more time on what matters and less time on tedious task work.

LoanServ offers several key benefits, including:

∗Real-time loan processing

∗Integrated default management

∗Investor support

∗Single-view borrower information file

∗Client-defined workflow automation

∗Subservicing capabilities

∗Built-in collections and loss mitigation tools

Regional banks, large credit unions, start-up loan servicing operations, specialty servicers and sub-servicers have all deployed LoanServ in order to reduce disparate software, eliminate redundant processes and capitalize on new lending opportunities.

Because LoanServ captures and stores account data in one place, servicers have a more holistic view of the borrower. This creates a more efficient servicing operation, controls the cost to service and reduces lending risk.

For instance, the system’s Investor Accounting features give servicers greater control over their investor relationships since both can access real-time data about portfolio position and immediately see the impact of every borrower transaction.

And Loan Servicing Account Connect, a key LoanServ option, allows clients to quickly roll out self-service websites that pull account information directly from the LoanServ system in real time and enable consumers to access their accounts with 24x7 convenience.

These features illustrate the importance of Sagent’s dedication to listening to its clients, which leads directly to the design and development of its solutions. As CEO Bret Leech explains, “Sagent Lending Technologies’ focus is to make lending better for everyone by forming true partnerships with lending clients. Through these partnerships, Sagent helps lenders fulfill business promises while conforming to their unique brand identity.”

Sagent Lending Technologies builds upon decades of innovation and experience to usher in a new and improved mortgage servicing experience for its clients.