Despite all the improvements in consumer-facing point of sale solutions, underwriters are still following a manual process when it comes to borrower verification. CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, launched AutomatIQ Borrower to pull all of the disparate borrower verification tools together into a single solution from one provider.

AutomatIQ Borrower, phase one of a comprehensive new underwriting solution, will help lenders:

  • Reduce underwriting costs and time to close
  • Improve overall loan quality and user experience
  • Increase trust at each step of the borrower underwriting workflow

Jay Kingsley, executive for Credit Solutions at CoreLogic, sat down with HousingWire’s Managing Editor of Content Solutions, Sarah Wheeler, to explain the new solution and why CoreLogic is uniquely positioned to successfully deliver this solution.

AutomatIQ Borrower turns “a disconnected process into a solution that you can trust,” Kingsley said. ““The feedback has been really great, whether that is piloting the FactCheck income calculation tool or the platform to facilitate verifications.”

Watch the whole interview below to find out what AutomatIQ Borrower can do for your business.

AutomatIQ Borrower is the first offering from the new AutomatIQ Suite of Digital Mortgage Solutions from CoreLogic. The AutomatIQ Suite is designed to help lenders digitize, streamline and automate each phase of their mortgage origination workflow.