Vickie Butler, senior vice president and warehouse lending operations manager, Texas Capital Bank

Vickie Butler, senior vice president and warehouse lending operations manager for Texas Capital Bank, is a mover and shaker at the company, setting the standard for client support and leading the next generation of go-getters.

From technology implementation and policy development to hiring, training and product support, Butler serves up the kind of hustle that makes the operation tick like a fine Swiss watch. Her prowess in balancing the many plates she is spinning is one of the reasons clients choose Texas Capital Bank as a warehouse lender. Her client-first approach is contagious and has spread throughout the organization.

Ever humble, Butler attributes her winning management style to having great leaders to look up to throughout her career. Experiences at Lomas Mortgage and Guaranty Bank helped her forge her leadership abilities, communication skills and cooperative methods. She believes that helping people reach their potential means success for the bank as a whole and personal fulfillment for the ones she serves. Butler serves as a mentor for Sisters Inspiring Sisters and was recognized on 2017’s Who’s Who in Black Dallas list. Dedicated to encouraging others, she consistently nominates the most people for recognition in the Values in Action Program every year.