Carol Bouchner, Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Policy, Genworth Mortgage Insurance

The politics often associated with the cutthroat mortgage industry in Washington, D.C., is of no consequence to the relentless work of Carol Bouchner.

Bouchner is recognized for her ability to provide substantive thought leadership while understanding how it all fits within the political and policy landscape. This is rarity in the world of GR, and very few government relations professionals have Bouchner’s undeniable ability to educate. 

Bouchner serves on several advisory boards and panels, including the Urban Institute’s Mortgage Servicing Collaborative and The Consumer Lender Roundtable. She often works alongside senators on the banking committee, industry CEOs and congressional staffers. In fact, one of Bouchner’s favorite parts of the job is the opportunity to work with young professionals who are just starting out in their careers. The “real work” in D.C. often happens thanks to young staffers who may have absolutely no background in mortgage finance. Luckily, they have Bouchner to look to for advice and guidance. 

Bouchner’s counsel is sought beyond the MI world and is a testament to the regard industry leaders have for her contributions. Thanks to Bouchner’s efforts, there is now broad consensus for a set of principles that will drive housing reform.