The newly formed mortgage industry trade group Association of Independent Mortgage Experts just created a new holiday: National Mortgage Brokers Day.

Will mortgage brokers across the nation finally get the recognition they deserve? AIME hopes so, and here's how.

First of all, the new holiday will take place every July 18 henceforth until the end of the industry.

AIME launched National Mortgage Brokers Day to – you guessed it – honor U.S. brokers by celebrating and recognizing the unique value they bring to the homebuying process.

The new trade holiday is meant to bring awareness to the benefits of working with an independent mortgage broker in place of a traditional bank or retail lender. AIME feels that, historically, mortgage brokers have not been properly recognized for their expertise, excellent customer service and important role in the mortgage industry.

To hasten the adoption of the holiday and get everyone in the holiday spirit, AIME has created a website and will be posting blogs about the mortgage broker industry, information about the industry, links to resources and ways to participate in the holiday.

The group has even created a "Thank-a-broker" e-card to circulate throughout the industry and spread holiday cheer both far and near.