Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, and the committee’s Ranking Member Maxine Waters, D-Calif., announced they reached an agreement on a package of bipartisan legislation to push economic growth.

The enormous bipartisan push for the legislative package, known as the JOBS and Investor Confidence Act of 2018, is made up of 32 individual pieces of legislation that have passed the committee or House this congressional session with broad bipartisan and sometimes even unanimous support.

“Over the last several months, our committee has been working hard to put forth a number of capital-formation bills that are designed to breathe new life into markets that are suffocating under aging regulations,” Hensarling said. “Thanks to the efforts of the ranking member and members of the committee on both sides of the aisle, we have a strong bipartisan package that will play an important role in sustaining long-term economic growth and global competitiveness.”

Waters explained that the legislation would provide a stronger economy, more jobs and strong investor protections.

“A stronger economy, more jobs for America’s families, and strong investor protections are top priorities for Committee Democrats,” she said. “I want to thank the chairman and the staff of the committee on both sides of the aisle for the work that they have been doing, working together to live up to what we always say—that we all support small businesses, their access to capital and protecting investors. This is true bipartisanship we are witnessing today.”

Some of the legislation includes clearing up rules, reducing regulation for smaller companies such as making different small banks exempt from federal stress tests or even orders for federal agencies to look further into the benefits of certain rules.

See the 32 individual pieces of legislation the bill includes, and when they passed either the House or the committee by clicking to page two below.