Flat-fee real estate brokerage TRELORA made former Chipotle Co-CEO Monty Moran chairman of its board of directors to push forward its growth initiatives.

"I have been a huge fan of Chipotle for years. Much of what we have built at TRELORA around process and culture was formed from my respect and admiration of the extraordinary culture Monty built at Chipotle," TRELORA founder and CEO Joshua Hunt said in a statement.

Moran served as co-CEO at Chipotle from 2007-2017 and grew the company from eight restaurants to more than 2,100 restaurants during that time.

"I knew the very first time I met Monty that he needed to be involved with TRELORA. Monty's love for and commitment to people, his curiosity and his commitment to excellence is at the very core of TRELORA and he is a leader who everyone here deeply respects, trusts and is ready to learn and grow from. Together with our board and entire team, Monty and I are committed to building a company that has long lasting impact in the hearts and minds of everyone we come in contact with," Hunt added.

Monty Moran Chairman of the Board of Directors at TRELORA

So far, TRELORA has saved consumers $41 million in real estate commissions and has recently opened offices in Seattle with plans to open more offices in growing markets across the U.S.

"I am humbled and proud to accept the role of chairman of the board of TRELORA," Moran said in a statement.

"Joshua's incredible vision of caring for people by streamlining, demystifying and simplifying the process of buying and selling homes inspires me, and has attracted a world class management team, top notch employees, and a strong board of directors. TRELORA already has the top-producing agents and has earned the best customer service scores in the entire industry, and I will work alongside this superb team to build on our early success, grow our national presence, and allow more people around the country to benefit from TRELORA's service," he added.