Written by Jessica Guerin, as originally published in The Reverse Review.

The July edition of The Reverse Review is full of thoughtful and thought-provoking content about the reverse mortgage business. Some highlights include tips for selling the adjustable-rate HECM; advice on how to build your network using LinkedIn; thoughts on why it’s important to stay connected to past clients; and a look at what we as an industry can do to elevate the public’s perception of the product.

This issue also features a record number of articles from new contributors—seven, to be exact—who are sharing their ideas about the industry for the first time in the pages of TRR. Never before have we had so many people reach out to our publication and express an interest in participating in the conversation.

This willingness to be a part of the discussion highlights the fact that there is a multitude of reverse professionals out there who are deeply invested in the success of the HECM product. With the program itself in its current state of flux, it is perhaps more important than ever that people get involved in the discussion about how we as an industry can help advance the reverse mortgage product so that it can continue to help thousands of seniors in need of financial security.

So, if you are a reverse professional and you care about the future of this business, join in the conversation. Tell us your thoughts on what can be done to elevate the HECM. Reach out to me about how you can play an active role in the evolution of your industry.