Written by Megan Hafenstein, as originally published in The Reverse Review.

What information can I provide upfront to make my loans close more efficiently and quickly? When you open your order, make sure to include as much information as possible. The more information, the better! The details you send will help us to eliminate possible judgments or liens

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that may show up, especially with a common name.

The basics
-The borrower’s full name, including a middle initial
-The borrower’s Social Security number
-The borrower’s date of birth and a note regarding any children of the borrower who may have the same name (i.e., Sr. or Jr.)

Don’t forget to note
-If the borrower is in bankruptcy
-If the dwelling is a manufactured home
-If the borrower’s competency is questionable, and if a POA/Trust is involved
-If you are aware of other parties that will need to be removed from title

Detailed borrower information for submission should include
-The borrower’s written authorization, which is necessary to release payoff information for most payoff lenders
-The borrower’s credit report (if possible)—with financial institutions merging and many mortgages transferring service providers, credit reports can be a great resource to track down payoffs, and can be especially helpful in locating a servicer for an old, closed loan that still needs to be released from title
-The most current Good Faith Estimate (GFE)
-A full copy of any Trust and any amendments or Power of Attorney (POA) related to the transaction for title approval
-A certified death certificate if there is a deceased party on title