Written by Jessica Guerin, as originally published in The Reverse Review.

As we began to piece together February’s issue, I noticed an inadvertent theme cropping up in our pages. It seems that in nearly every single article, in one form or another, our contributors are speculating about the future of the HECM.

In his Originating column, Home Chex’s Mark Browning talks about the need to reset the future course of our industry, moving away from the mindset that this product is just another type of transactional mortgage and refocusing on the real needs of the senior consumer.

Mehran Aram contemplates how reverse professionals can plan for the future and make comfortable living in an ever-evolving, highly regulated industry.

Scott Norman of Sente Mortgage discusses forthcoming legislation in the state of Texas that would make the Purchase product available to Texans in the future.

And in our Spotlight section, John K. Lunde of Reverse Market Insight writes about the elimination of the fixed-rate Standard and what impact this will have on the HECM market down the road.

In the face of pending regulation and inevitable change, the theme of these articles makes one thing clear: To survive in this field, you need to stay ahead of the curve.

This fact reaffirms the need for consistent dialogue among professionals from all sectors of the reverse space. Maintaining an ongoing discussion about the future of this business

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is essential to preparing for what lies ahead. Whether it’s adjusting your marketing agenda, examining your compliance process or assessing your tech solutions, there is always something to be done to enhance your efficiency and increase your bottom line, even as the rules that guide us continue to shift.

Our hope is that The Reverse Review addresses this need, serving as a forum for members of the reverse community to discuss how this industry can continue to grow and evolve to better serve the senior demographic. We’re grateful for our dedicated contributors, whose willingness to put their ideas on paper is helping advance the discussion about the future of our product.

We’d like to invite more readers to join in the conversation. If you have insight or ideas to share, reach out to me about getting involved. Rather than being a passive spectator on the sidelines, help instigate change and play an active role in this industry’s evolution.

Want to email Jessica about getting involved? Reach her at jessica@reversereview.com.