Written by Dennis Gassoway, as originally published in The Reverse Review.

Can an Ira or 401k be left to your heirs, and continue to go untaxed until they withdraw or in retirement?

A Stretch IRA (also known as a legacy IRA or a multigenerational IRA) is not a new type of IRA account. A Stretch IRA is a

strategy of using your IRA as an estate strategy tool. You simply stretch the life of your traditional or Roth IRA by naming an IRA beneficiary that will allow you to extend your IRA’s tax-advantaged growth as long as possible. For example, if you are married, your spouse could inherit your IRA, roll it into his or her IRA, and name your children as beneficiary. When your spouse dies, your children can inherit the IRA and take distributions each year based upon his or her life expectancy. Your children can also name beneficiaries so that if they die before all distributions are made, remaining distributions continue on the same schedule, instead of requiring a lump sum distribution.