Written by Erik Richard, as originally published in The Reverse Review.

As I sit to write my first note as publisher for The Reverse Review magazine, I’m reflecting on how honored I feel to be a part of such a strong, dedicated community. Recently, the 2011 NRMLA convention in Boston, Premier Reverse Closings chose to hold its party at the famous Cheers bar. The selection seemed fitting since the theme song from the show was “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

This reminds me of the closeness we have in the reverse mortgage industry. We are a specialized community where everybody knows each other and works together for an incredibly rewarding goal: to help seniors live with dignity.

Prior to my work in the reverse mortgage industry, I worked in both real estate and traditional financing. But it was only after becoming a part of this industry that I truly felt a part of something bigger and more meaningful—part of a community. At the end of the day, just knowing that we are part of a greater solution helps

me to keep going during those times when a home value comes in too low, a loan can’t close or a prospect can’t qualify.

My passion and devotion to the reverse mortgage industry has a lot to do with the tremendous camaraderie that we all have with one another, as well as the greater good we are doing to serve seniors. We have the pleasure of helping a group of people who have spent a lifetime of working so hard and are so wise, yet at the same time are so dependent on our knowledge and desire to help them.

We have made a choice to be a part of such a rewarding and necessary endeavor to serve thousands of people who have little financial options and are relying on our service and our product to save their homes and life savings. I am confident that our path to growth as an industry is rooted in our continued sense of community. After all, we are an industry where many serve the dual roles of friend and competitor.

Erik Richard