A newspaper in Florida has issued a call for people who have had problems with a reverse mortgage to be potentially featured in a story.

TCPalm, an online news site covering Florida's Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, posted the call on their website stating it is seeking people who were either denied a reverse mortgage or who took out a reverse mortgage and later had problems with it.

The call suggests a blatant intent to seek out negative stories regarding reverse mortgages for the purpose of exploiting them in the news site.  Rather than a more general call for reverse mortgage borrowers or those who have looked into them, which would give the reporter a better sense of the impact of reverse mortgage within their service area, the paper is striving to isolate only those who wish to share their problems.

It is expected that this call will result in the reporter finding several of the minority of people who have had an issue with a reverse mortgage to feature on their site, relating the problems associated with the program.  The one-sided call ignores the fact that there are likely many people within their service area who have had positve experiences, even life changing, due to a reverse mortgage.

Realizing that this intent is common in feature reporting, it is surprising that a news site would be so obvious in relating their intent.