Celink, the nation’s largest reverse mortgage subservicer, is pleased to announce that it has implemented a single point of contact module for its clients’ borrowers who are in default status (tax and/or insurance, due and payable, foreclosure).

When a borrower fails to pay their taxes and/or insurance, they are placed into default status, and Celink’s servicing platform (ReverServ™) auto-assigns the borrower to a Celink associate. This associate works exclusively and diligently with the borrower until they remedy the default. They will remain the borrower’s single point of contact (SPOC) through the remediation or foreclosure process.

This program eliminates the need for borrowers to re-explain themselves and their unique situation every time there is any communication, as well as giving them comfort that they have a “dedicated” person assigned to them. The SPOC is only assigned to a small number of accounts so that Celink associates can provide highly personalized service to the borrower.

All written communication to the borrowers in default status will contain their SPOC’s name and the borrowers are also provided with a special “default-only” toll-free number that will allow them to communicate easily with their assigned associate.

“We have always prided ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional service to their borrowers,” said Ryan LaRose COO, “and this is one more example of Celink being proactive with borrowers on a very critical issue.”

SOURCE: Press Release