The time of warehouse lending being was a bottle neck for reverse mortgage lenders may be over as UBS and Reverse Vision announce a new interface for submitting loans directly to UBS.

With UBS returning to the reverse mortgage space as a warehouse lender, one of the world's largest banks is showing support for the reverse mortgage product.

UBS operates a lending platform that offers agency, government, USDA RHS RD, HECM and non-conforming jumbo products. Thanks to its extensive experience in the reverse mortgage space, UBS understands the particularities of the HECM product and can provide outstanding service to its warehouse partners. Several of the nation's top lenders are currently closing and funding loans with UBS.

ReverseVision is the first and, so far, only reverse mortgage origination platform that has built an interface for submitting loans directly to UBS.

As ReverseVision's president, Thomas Martignoni states, "ReverseVision is just a small wheel in the industry. By adding UBS as a warehouse lender to our list of interfaces we do what we always have done best: Bring great companies together."

Source:  Press Release