The April issue of The Reverse Review marks the anniversary of being a voice of the industry, BY the industry. As we celebrate, we pause to express our sincere appreciation for all the industry participants who have helped us achieve our goal of providing timely and relevant news to the reverse mortgage industry from the perspective of those of you who have taken a pause from your work to share your experience with the industry.


As we head into another year of production, we look forward to publishing new perspectives on how the industry is changing and evolving, including both voices we are familiar with and those who join us for the first time. Since renewing our efforts last year to extend beyond the magazine and provide daily news updates via our website, the opportunities to share your voice has increased significantly. Accordingly, we are always on the lookout for new contributors who have an important message to share with the industry.

So, what does it take to be a contributor to the magazine or website? It is quite simple; we are willing to accept contributions or ideas from anyone in the industry. You can propose a topic of interest to you, or submit a completed article for consideration. As long as the contribution is timely, relevant and provides meaningful information to the industry, we’ll seek to use it in one of our formats. In return, we’ll include a brief bio about you and/or your company so the industry knows where the perspective came from. Naturally, we reserve the right to edit the content, primarily for length or clarity, to make sure your point-of-view shines through. Submissions can be sent to Emily Vannucci, Editor-in-Chief for the print edition, or Brett Varner, News Editor for the daily news.

Sharing your experience and ideas only helps the industry grow in a positive way and drives the mutual commitment to meet the needs of the reverse mortgage clientele.

In the past 12 months, the ten editions published have presented articles from numerous different contributors, covering a variety of topics to help you navigate the landscape of change and improve your business. We thank all of our contributors for being part of The Reverse Review, but a special thank you goes out to our most frequent contributors and column writers:

· John Lunde, President, Reverse Market Insight – provides “The Report,” our monthly overview of the reverse mortgage production volumes, helping us track the activity and trends of the industry.

· Ralph Rosynek, VP for National Correspondent Production, Reverse Mortgage Solutions – our “Ask the Underwriter,” Ralph helps us understand the loan process from the underwriter’s perspective.

· Sue Haviland & Brian Sacks, Reverse Mortgage Success – as contributors to “The Advisor” column, they have provided engaging insights on practices that help originators to achieve their highest level of success.

· Alain Valles, President, Direct Finance Corp – also a contributor to “The Advisor” column, Alain has examined opportunities for originators to grow their businesses.

· Dave Bancroft, industry executive – writing “The Conversation” column, Dave continues to be an entertaining and strong voice to the industry challenging everyone to maintain a commitment to excellence.

· John Smaldone, EVP, Hanover Financial Services – John brings his 42+ years of experience in the mortgage industry to tackle challenges faced through regulatory and government reform and how the industry can (and needs) to respond to them.

· Atare Agbamu, Industry consultant and columnist – Atare covers a wide variety of topics focused on the health and growth of the industry, seeking to broaden the understanding of complex issues.

· Michael Banner, Founder, LoanWell America – with a focus on education, Michael advocates for sustained efforts to teach other financial service professionals about reverse mortgage products and their relevance in comprehensive retirement planning.

· Sam Collins, President, Sam Collins Reverse Marketing, LLC – Sam has provided techniques and practices to help companies and originators differentiate themselves in their marketplaces.

· Shannon Hicks, VP of Product Development, Reverse Fortunes, Inc – Shannon has provided insights from the originator’s perspective on the opportunities and challenges created as the industry continues to evolve.

· Jonathan Neal, Senior Partner, CCG-Capital Consulting Group LLC – providing a perspective of post-retirement and estate planning issues, Jonathan has explored the necessities of the reverse mortgage industry to work in concert with other retirement services.

Additionally, we thank the advertisers of the magazine who allow us to continue to bring you print and web editions of the magazine with no subscription fees. We encourage you to take a moment to review their message and consider how their businesses can support your success:

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If you’d like to support the magazine while sharing your industry services with our thousands of readers, just let us know. We’ll help design a plan that gets your message out in a meaningful way. Inquiries can be sent to

On behalf of Emily Vannucci, Editor-in-Chief and all the staff at The Reverse Review, we thank you for being a part of our success and supporting our on-going efforts to bring you the straightforward fact and reporting of the news that matters most. We look forward to another exciting year and extending the conversation to more of you that make the reverse mortgage industry special.