NRMLA released the agenda for the first conference gathering of the year, "NRMLA West 2011: New Requirements, New Relationships," at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach on March 15 and 16.  The day and a half general session, beginning at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, March 15th focuses on regulatory reform, survival, and understanding the current landscape in the reverse mortgage market.

The first day takes aim at regulatory reform with sessions designed to break down the Loan Originator Compensation Rule and the on-going "Tsunami of Regulatory Reform" that continues in the wake of the Dodd-Frank Act and other legislation.  Representatives from the FHA's Santa Ana Home Ownership Center will then discuss current issues from a government perspective and provide updates on fiscal year 2011 volume tracking.  The day then finishes with NRMLA President Peter Bell and members of the executive leadership reviewing the Strategic Plan for 2011.


Day two of the session will examine secondary market issues related to the HECM market and discuss business strategies for succeeding in challenging market place.  It will kick off with a session looking at the issue of Tax and Insurance Technical Defaults and what the industry is doing to help address it.  Then secondary market experts will discuss the future of  the market for HMBS including Ginnie Mae issues and other market trends.

Turning to business strategy, the first of two sessions delves into marketing a two product solution, discussing how companies can provide meaningful comparisons of the Standard and Saver products.  The final session looks at successful business strategies for today's market, suggesting that "size does matter."  Business owners will discuss strategies that have helped them to stay ahead of the competition.