Nationstar, recently announced the addition of Francis Lobo as executive vice president, chief business, product officer and president of Cooper Labs. In this role, he will oversee the organization’s digital strategy and product development.

Prior to joining Nationstar, Lobo held executive roles at AOL Services and served as president. He was also the CEO of United Online and managed digital, technology and services at WeWork, where he eventually became chief revenue officer.

In his new role, Lobo will be responsible for providing customers a digitally-driven experience, and launching new products like the Mr. Cooper with Home Intelligence app. The app allows customers to digitally optimize their finances.

The move is part of a massive push by major players into the digital space. Recently Nationstar announced a new AI-driven mobile app for homeowners.

Black Knight announced its acquisition of HeavyWater, a provider of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the financial services industry. Earlier this month, Bank of America announced its customers can now use AI to pay their mortgage.

“Our team is committed to developing and offering new products and solutions that are more focused on the customer than ever before,” Chairman and CEO of Nationstar Jay Bray said. "Francis brings a wealth of experience to our team, and I am excited to have him on board to lead our product and digital transformation just as he has done at other innovative companies.”

Lobo said that he is excited to join the Nationstar team.

“This is an exciting time to join the Nationstar and Mr. Cooper team, and I’m thrilled to take on this role and play my part in moving the company forward with its customer-centric approach,” Lobo said. “We have a real opportunity to bring positive change to the industry and bring meaningful value to everyone who owns or wants to own a home.”