United Wholesale Mortgage announced Monday it has launched a new website for consumers to find an independent mortgage broker.

The new site, FindAMortgageBroker.com, is dedicated to promoting the advantages of working with a mortgage broker for borrowers as well as real estate professionals, and helping both groups to effectively locate mortgage brokers in their area, UWM said in a press release.

UWM explained that it created the site to bring awareness of mortgage brokers as “an alternative to large banks and retail lenders for three groups: consumers looking to get a residential loan; real estate professionals who want to build reliable partnerships and empower their clients; and bank or retail loan originators who are looking for the best place to work.”

“Consumers are constantly inundated with advertising from banks and mega retail lenders that is only focused on interest rates, but there is more to a mortgage than the rate. More focus should be on finding the best program and lowest overall monthly payment for their specific needs, and the interest rate is only a small part of that,” said Mat Ishbia, UWM president and CEO.

Ishbia said that local mortgage brokers will educate and show consumers the options available from lenders, while helping them to find the best deal.

“A local mortgage broker will educate consumers on the full picture, clearly lay out all the options available from multiple lenders, and help them find the best possible deal. FindAMortgageBroker.com gives consumers nationwide a platform to easily locate nearby mortgage brokers and learn about why they’re the best choice for getting a mortgage.”

The site serves as a dual purpose solution for mortgage consumers. In addition to serving as a national database to locate a broker, the site is also an educational guide and features written and video content explaining the value of using mortgage brokers, the website provides a nationwide database of mortgage brokers, which is filtered by location.

“Mortgage brokers are the best way for people to get a mortgage, but it’s difficult for people to use a broker if they don’t know where to find one. This website will make it easy to find a mortgage broker that is local to them,” Ishbia said.