End-to-end origination, risk, compliance, due diligence and technology services company Digital Risk, announced an agreement to integrate its LoanFx digital mortgage platform with Black Knight's LoanSphere Empower loan origination system.

Digital Risk explained in a press release that the integration of its LoanFx platform with Empower will provide loan officers, their clients, and their realtors, with near real-time updates throughout the application process for increased transparency. The larger goal, the company said, is shortening the entire process –  from application to approval and underwriting – to as little as 20 minutes.

"A full-service digital mortgage experience platform that excites and empowers consumers and loan officers alike, while driving down costs and cycle times, is essential for today's mortgage industry," said Eric Rawlings, chief technology officer of Digital Risk. "This integration meets that need. LoanFx's customer-focused, data-driven and collaborative loan officer point-of-sale hub, combined with Black Knight's workflow and data analytics-driven loan origination solutions, will offer an unparalleled customer experience while driving tremendous efficiencies within the loan manufacturing process."

LoanFx's integration with Empower LOS will also help support compliance with evolving regulatory requirements, the company said.

"Lenders will benefit from the operational efficiencies that a streamlined loan application process will deliver through the Empower system," said Rich Gagliano, president of Black Knight's Origination Technologies division. "This integration reinforces our mutual commitment to deliver greater innovation in the origination process, increasing operational efficiency for lenders and improving the overall borrower experience."

Recently, Citibank, announced platform's first marquee client, utilizing LoanFx to combine its full suite of mortgage products into a unified digital customer experience integrated with Empower. The integrated, self-service system will be available for Citibank's mortgage clients via digital channels, including mobile platforms, providing optimized efficiency and transparency and allowing them to become verifiers and suppliers of loan information.