One neighborhood in Kansas City has been receiving fake homeowners association bills for years, and now, they are receiving real liens for not paying their fake bills.

The scam was well known among the residents of the neighborhood, and they even warned new neighbors about the scam, saying the neighborhood doesn’t even have an HOA, according to an article by Linda Wagar for Fox 4 News.

But the fake HOA then filed a $445 lien against more than 30 of the neighborhood’s residents, according to the article. As it turns out, the whole scam was being run by Al Roberts, who is currently in federal prison, convicted of $3 million in mortgage fraud.

From the article:

Al Roberts is in federal prison, convicted of $3 million in mortgage fraud. Roberts, a retired Kansas City school teacher, formed Column's Park, the company behind the HOA. Roberts also sent out the initial invoices to homeowners.

Ford, the attorney hired by homeowners, said he spoke with Roberts after that first invoice arrived.

“I very nicely said, 'What the heck are you thinking?' said Ford, who then informed Roberts what he was doing was illegal.

The liens have since been dismissed, however the homeowners pointed out nothing is preventing the situation from happening again.