Real estate tech provider Accurate Group launched a new real estate portfolio valuations tool for capital market firms.

The technology solution is a combination of the company’s ValueNet appraisal tech platform and industry-compliant appraisal processes unique to capital market firms. It provides fast, accurate valuations on portfolios that include real estate, whole loan sales, mortgage portfolios, mortgage pools and mortgage-backed securities, according to the company.

“As investment firms continue to grow their real estate and mortgage-related holdings, timely and accurate valuations of those assets is critical,” said Scott Waxman, chief appraiser and president of Accurate Group’s ValueNet division. 

The tool is designed for asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, and other investment firms that have significant residential real estate and mortgage-related portfolio holdings.

The company explained that the real estate portfolio valuation solution for capital markets incorporates appraisal processes, including:

  • A high degree of accuracy and regulatory compliance delivered quickly and at a low price point
  • Appraisals completed by local, U.S.-based licensed or certified appraisers
  • Exterior and interior property inspections conducted by local, trained real estate professionals
  • Review by a second, U.S-based licensed or certified appraiser prior to delivery