Pavaso, a digital closing solutions provider, announced it partnered with Gregg & Valby, a Texas-based law firm and technology provider, to integrate the technologies of both companies.

The partnership allows nationwide closing documents to be integrated into the Pavaso Digital Close platform electronically.

Gregg & Valby serves clients nationwide in document preparation and legal and regulatory compliance matters for both mortgage loan origination and servicing activities.

“We eagerly anticipate delivering the tools and expertise needed for the Firm and its clients to evolve and achieve digital transformation,” said said Mark McElroy, President and CEO of Pavaso. “Partnerships like this demonstrate which firms are choosing to create a better path for consumers by providing a modern, transparent way forward.”

The news is the latest in a string of announcements from Pavaso. Most recently, Quicken Loans’ sister company, Title Source, an independent provider of title insurance, valuations and closing services, announced it partnered with Pavaso. Title Source’s partnership with Pavaso allowed Quicken Loans’ clients to finish the mortgage process online.