Here are the top 10 lenders dominating the mortgage market

HMDA data shows top lenders in 2016

The latest Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data was released by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, and shows which lenders are dominating the mortgage origination market.

The data, which is compiled of information submitted by mortgage lenders for 2016, shows which lenders dominated the market.

The total number of originated loans of all types and purposes increased by almost 1 million between 2015 and 2016, or 13%. Refinance originations increased by 16%, and home purchase lending increased by nearly 11%.

The HMDA data below on top U.S. lenders, which was prepared by iEmergent, shows that Wells Fargo still made the list of the top 10, despite its difficult year.

iEmergent calculated the top mortgage lenders by looking at the number of purchase and refinance 1-4 family loans originated. When considering all mortgages originated over all loan types, Wells Fargo actually comes out at No. 1 with 437,839 loans originated totaling $146.3 billion.

Here is a list of the top 10 lenders that dominated mortgage originations in 2016 by total number of mortgages each originated:

10. United Wholesale Mortgage – 82,231

Share of total loans: 1.1%

Rank in total dollar volume: 10

Total origination volume: $22.9 billion

9. Flagstar Bank – 99,341

Share of total loans: 1.3%

Rank in total dollar volume: 9

Total origination volume: $26.5 billion

8. Caliber Home Loans – 105,371

Share of total loans: 1.4%

Rank in total dollar volume: 8

Total origination volume: $27.6 billion

7. U.S. Bank – 108,171

Share of total loans: 1.4%

Rank in total dollar volume: 7

Total origination volume: $28.6 billion

6. loanDepot – 132,440

Share of total loans: 1.7%

Rank in total dollar volume: 5

Total origination volume: $35.7 billion

5. Freedom Mortgage Corp. – 152,017

Share of total loans: 2%

Rank in total dollar volume: 6

Total origination volume: $31.8 billion

4. Bank of America – 152,811

Share of total loans: 2%

Rank in total dollar volume: 4

Total origination volume: $58.1 billion

3. JPMorgan Chase Bank – 173,702

Share of total loans: 2.3%

Rank in total dollar volume: 3

Total origination volume: $74 billion

2. Wells Fargo Bank – 393,568

Share of total loans: 5.2%

Rank in total dollar volume: 1

Total origination volume: $126 billion

1. Quicken Loans – 436,289

Share of total loans: 5.7%

Rank in total dollar volume: 2

Total origination volume: $90.6 billion

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