Computershare Mortgage Solutions, a provider of REO asset management, valuation and title services, announced this week that it is changing its name to Property Solutions, Part of the Computershare Group.

Property Solutions is owned by Computershare, an Australian tech company.

Computershare expanded into the U.S. mortgage market in 2011 when it acquired Specialized Loan Servicing for $113.6 million. The company then grew its U.S. mortgage business last year, when it acquired Capital Markets Cooperative and Altavera Mortgage Services in separate deals.

Collectively, Property Solutions, Specialized Loan Servicing, Capital Markets Cooperative, and Altavera Mortgage Services make up Computershare’s loan services business.

According to Computershare, the name change to Property Solutions helps to specifically describe the services the company provides.

“Through the name Property Solutions, we make it clear that we deliver solutions for collateral valuations, asset management and title services,” said Jim Smith, president of Property Solutions. “The new name more accurately reflects what we do within the framework of Computershare Loan Services.”

Smith added that changing the company’s name does not change how the company operates.

“Although we’ve launched a new name, customers can rest assured that nothing else will change,” Smith said.