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Factom’s blockchain solution allows mortgage companies to safeguard sensitive data

Complete digital platform securely manages all digital assets



Huge data breaches compromising sensitive consumer information are becoming more and more common. Data gathered and stored for financial transactions is particularly vulnerable. In this insecure environment, Factom delivers a practical blockchain solution that allows mortgage companies to safeguard their data, providing security for consumers and certainty for regulators.

Factom’s Harmony suite of products creates a digital process that allows each party to not only retain their documents, files, and data securely within their data centers, but also provide trusted transactions with full confidence in the integrity of the information being shared or accessed.

Acting as a digital registrar, Factom Harmony is a powerful tool for your digital assets. Built upon the Factom Network and utilizing SmartProvenance, Harmony is a complete digital platform to manage your documents, data, decisions, files and all other digital assets in a single, powerful solution.  

Key features of Harmony include utilizing it as a collaborative platform for verification and validation of digital assets originality and integrity. Confirming the asset ownership and supporting transfers of that assets ownership. It also allows for the managing of complex transactions through the use of due diligence and audit features for groups of assets. 

“Because Factom Harmony only publishes cryptographic proofs of the borrower’s private data it never leaves a lender’s secure environment, a full security audit is straightforward,” CEO Peter Kirby said.

When paired with Factom’s SmartProvenance technology, any digital asset recorded with Factom is forever preserved. Factom SmartProvenance is a blockchain based set of tools that ensure digital records are original and unaltered, along with keeping private data private.

Originally used to track works of art, Provenance’s primary purpose has been to trace an item or entity from its origin. By tracking the sequences of its formal ownership, custody, and places of storage along with the integrity of the item, the importance of Provenance has been respected by multiple industries over centuries. Applying this concept to the mortgage industry assets is not a far leap, doubling down by applying it with Blockchain technology is what makes it game changing. 

Factom Harmony was designed with a simple security model that makes it easy to get started.  It is simple to use, straight-forward to integrate, and built by people with decades of experience who understand the unique and complex problems of the industry. 

“Lenders can finally prove to consumers that their data has not been breached or tampered with, which is why the industry reaction so far has been ‘wow!’” executive vice president Jason Nadeau said. “One of the biggest challenges that industry leaders are facing right now is just where to start using it first.” 

Factom Harmony was built from the ground up for straight-forward integration with an intuitive API, an easy-to-follow integration guide, and a simple pricing model. It plugs right into existing systems and gives them an immutable blockchain back-end. 

“The collaborative Harmony platform is what mortgage companies need to publish evidence,” Nadeau said.


NadeauJason Nadeau, Executive Vice President 

Jason Nadeau leads the company’s strategy for the mortgage industry including revenue growth, strategic partnerships and business development strategy. Nadeau comes to Factom from Corsair Associates, where as senior director he provided strategic consulting to mortgage technology companies.

Prior to Corsair Associates, he served as group president at Stewart Title and CEO of Stewart Lender Services. Nadeau also served as founder, president, and CTO of RealEC Technologies (now a Black Knight company).

PyleLaurie Pyle, Executive Vice President 

Laurie Pyle works with Factom, Inc. to lead the creation of a suite of products for the mortgage industry based upon the Factom technology. Pyle came to Factom from Corsair Associates, where she served as managing director. Previously, Pyle was executive vice president and CIO for Stewart Lender Services. and was named a HousingWire 2013 Women of Influence. As a founding executive team member at RealEC Technologies, Pyle managed product strategy, product design and oversight of client solutions. 

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