Chronos Solutions continues to innovate in real estate financial services by anticipating client needs and developing business solutions proactively. 

Most recently, the company demonstrated its agility when lenders were left in a quandary after the result of a civil court case made it illegal in most states for the three national credit bureaus to provide liens and judgement histories as part of their credit reports. Research presented in that case showed that this factor had negatively affected credit scores — sometimes wrongly — by up to 100 points. 

However, although that information can’t inform credit scores from the national credit bureaus, it’s still an important factor as lenders determine a borrower’s creditworthiness. To provide that valuable information, Chronos now offers liens and judgement histories as a supplement to its Funding Suite Credit Report offerings, either as a standalone service or as an add-on. 

“Now, without any connection to the consumer’s credit scores, lenders — without having to research it manually — have access to the data they need to make a solid decision,” said Michelle Steinmetzer, senior vice president of operations, outsourced and originations solutions at Chronos Solutions. 

The mobile-friendly Funding Suite was already a favorite among lenders, allowing them to order credit reports, access fraud and identity reports, control spending, analyze credit files and monitor spending patterns — all within the same secure data management platform. Now the software delivers even more value to help lenders mitigate their risk.

Chronos Solutions’ quick response in developing and deploying this solution reflects its commitment to providing lenders with the critical tools they need to run their businesses effectively. 

Another example of the company’s flexibility is Chronos’ recent deployment of Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty program into Taxdoor, its automated, mobile-enabled tax transcript verification technology, which is capable of reducing IRS rejection rates by as much as 75%.

Chronos Solutions did months of testing, including a pilot program with a major national lender, after Fannie Mae’s February certification of Taxdoor as a qualified provider of loan production using Day 1 Certainty. Taxdoor is now integrated into DU as a DU Validation Service (DVS) provider, joining Chronos’ Day 1 Certainty-qualified VODAchek automated verification product on Oct. 3, 2017. 

The company’s rapid pace of innovation is one reason that more and more lenders are choosing to bundle origination services with Chronos, which offers everything from verification and valuation to HOA solutions, REO asset management and disposition, tax monitoring, lien release, online marketing and auctions, title and more.

Bundling with Chronos Solutions can save lenders 15% to 20% in per-loan origination costs, while giving them access to best-in-class technology. It’s a winning strategy for any lender in this competitive environment.


HikelMark Hikel, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hikel is a visionary and innovative business leader with more than 28 years of experience in executive management positions for multi-site operations, turnarounds, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Hikel served as CEO of Spokane Valley, Washington-based UPF Services. The company was subsequently acquired by Chronos Solutions in July 2016.

Prior to joining UPF Services, Hikel was the president of Mortgage Investment Associates, where he was responsible for architecting and executing the organization’s short and long-term corporate operations, sales, marketing and e-commerce strategies. In addition, Hikel was co-founder and president of HomeAmerica Financial Services, Inc., and has held executive positions with Loraca International, Bank One Financial Services, The CIT Group and Commercial Credit Corporation.

SteinmetzerMichelle Steinmetzer, SVP of Operations, Outsourced and Origination Solutions

Michelle Steinmetzer has more than 16 years of experience in mortgage banking and real estate. She has worked within the wholesale mortgage industry as a senior manager and currently leads all of Chronos Solutions’ production departments in the Spokane Valley office. She is also responsible for the design, implementation and management of policies and procedures used to control the fulfillment platform.