Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray hasn’t even officially come out with an Ohio gubernatorial bid, and there’s already a growing list of people fighting to make sure he doesn’t win.

In fact, he has said practically nothing on a possible run for Ohio governor. But, his silence isn’t a surprise since the decision would force Cordray to give up his role as director of the bureau before his time is slated to end in July 2018.

Despite him being mum on the topic, the possible threat is enough for another website to pop up, urging Ohio residents to not vote for him.

The group behind this latest website ( might sound familiar since they already vocalized opposition to Cordray running for Ohio governor.

Below is a screenshot from the homepage of the website, which questions why Cordray won’t comment on his political ambitions.

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At the bottom of the website’s homepage, it says paid for by Republicans Governors Association.

The website is pretty simple and mainly features quotes about Cordray from various news publications.

Toward the bottom of the homepage, users can “sign up to keep track of #NoCommentCordray.” However, it's not clear what will happen next after filling out the information.

Though the website is brief, past coverage on the association’s fight against Cordray shows they’re determined to uncover any possible Ohio gubernatorial bid.

In mid-August, the association filed its second Freedom of Information Act request with the CFPB, asking for records related to Cordray’s potential violation of the Hatch Act while exploring a run for Ohio governor. The act prohibits federal employees and cabinet members from using their official position to influence an election.

According to the FOIA, “In recent weeks, there has been media speculation that CFPB Director Richard Cordray will soon announce his intention on running for governor in Ohio in 2018. A previous FOIA has been submitted for information relevant to whether Mr. Cordray has violated the Hatch Act.”

The association even noted that it is willing to pay up to $500 to fulfill the request. 

This website came out about month after the association filed the FOIA, showing another area they’re willing to funnel money into to ensure Cordray won’t be governor.

And the association isn’t alone in its fight. Another website (, which has been around longer and is paid for by Protect America's Consumers, also fights against Cordray.

This website, seen in a screenshot below, goes into more detail than the first website and even includes a way for users to take action.

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By clicking the “STOP CORDRAY” button on the page, it directs users to a page, as seen below, where they can write a letter to their senator. Protect America's Consumers will even deliver the letter.

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However, as previously noted, Cordray has still has not officially decided to run for governor. One key detail to keep in mind is that Cordray is predicted to announce a bid for governor only after he issues a final payday loan rule.