ISGN innovates in the servicing space with feature-rich, scalable technology

Cutting-edge solutions are quick and easy to deploy

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While the origination side of mortgage finance has rapidly embraced tech innovation in the last several years, the servicing segment is still characterized by large, monolithic legacy systems, limited innovation, fragmentation between core and default servicing capabilities and a cautious approach to new technologies.

ISGN believes it’s time to change that.

ISGN logo 2“We firmly believe that as the servicing industry witnesses the entry of new players and the expansion of market share of existing players, the need for feature-rich, scalable and compliant technology at an affordable price point will become paramount,” said Amit Kothiyal, CEO. 

ISGN strives to enhance its value through a sole focus on technology that drives its clients’ business success. 

“We’ve built our solutions to deliver exactly what servicers need and that is a significant game changer for them. Our default platform has been built with substantial input from leading mortgage servicers and through a partnership approach that helps address their operational problems,” Kothiyal said. 

ISGN leveraged the rich heritage of one of the Industry’s most recognizable and scalable servicing platforms (LSAMS) and brought in innovative technology to deliver a more powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) product, LoanDynamix, that is suited for a wide spectrum of portfolio sizes – from a few thousand loans to over 6 million loans. ISGN box

Similarly, ISGN has a powerful, state-of-the-art default technology platform, Tempo, which delivers end-to-end default functionality so servicers don’t need to implement multiple products. With loss mitigation calculators powered by an innovative graphical editor, servicers can simplify the complex tasks and build proprietary decision engines. 

Finally, ISGN offers a feature-rich and robust construction servicing platform, Loan Momentum.  In addition to supporting construction loans, LoanMomentum also manages the intricacies of 203k loans.

“Along with incredible scalability, security and an intuitive user interface, we have added an entire spectrum of new features and functionality to our entire servicing suite of products,” CTO Don Gaspar said. 

Now released as an SaaS offering, each ISGN solution is highly customizable based on the users’ requirements, and quick to go-live. 

ISGN is one of only a few companies that offer both full-featured core servicing and an extremely powerful end-to-end default servicing system. 

By virtue of owning both products, the company is able to offer a seamless loan life cycle to customers as the loan moves through various stages of performing and default. 

This deep integration is real-time, seamless and offers data integrity, but more importantly, it is not cost prohibitive for customers to leverage this integration since it leverages ISGN’s innovative PowerHub. 

“In our view, servicers today need a product that can quickly adapt to operational changes, access data in real time by various third-party systems, and provide a better borrower experience,” Kothiyal said.


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