IDS is ready for the road ahead. Its Uniform Closing Dataset XML file has been certified to meet all UCD requirements by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and is already capable of embedding and delivering the CD and data for both the borrower and the seller, even though the seller data is not required until September 2018.

IDS logoIDS has also updated idsDoc to include new borrower data collection fields that support compliance with the 2018 changes to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reporting, in addition to incorporating the most recent reference model from MISMO. 

“The depth and breadth of both federal- and state-level compliance that’s built into idsDoc is no accident,” Mark Mackey, vice president and general manager of IDS, said. “IDS constantly has its eye on what’s next from a regulatory perspective and strives to deliver solutions to meet regulatory challenges well ahead of implementation deadlines.”

As digital mortgage origination becomes a reality, IDS has continued to expand the digital capabilities of idsDoc, allowing loan officers and borrowers to upload custom documents to the eSign Room. When a document is uploaded, the LO is prompted to assign a signature type to the document or to simply insert the document into the package. IDS box

From there, LOs can add signature lines and/or checkboxes to indicate where and how the borrower should sign. LOs can then insert the document(s) into the appropriate borrower document eSign list. In addition, lenders can now incorporate their own branding within the IDS eSign room, creating a visually cohesive environment to preserve borrower trust with the eSign process. 

Another function to help consumers through the eSign process is the new LO comment feature, which allows LOs to insert digital “sticky notes” with directions or other pertinent information into documents.

“What separates idsDoc from its competitors is the deep and abiding commitment to outstanding customer service that comes with the software. When it comes to partner integrations, system upgrades/functionality, ancillary services, etc., IDS approaches these situations with an eye towards what will be best for our customers,” Mackey said. 

In September 2016, IDS further invested in the digital future by purchasing eMortgage solutions provider Encomia. Encomia’s eClosing platform and tools provide for secure electronic document storage (eVault), enterprise eSign and asset and income verification services. 

Combined with IDS’s automated compliance audits and eDisclosure, eDelivery, eSignature, eFulfillment and customized document capabilities, this integrated product suite delivers a broad complement of electronic mortgage origination and closing services to the mortgage industry.

“While many doc prep vendors pay a significant amount of lip service to customer service, IDS is one of the few that actually delivers on this promise,” Mackey said.