Aaron Vause has been a vital key to Nationwide Title Clearing’s success for nearly seven years. As the assistant vice president of document custody, he leads a team of more than 140 employees in creating efficiencies for one of the largest custodians of mortgage documents. Vause

Vause has helped NTC process more than 1.5 million trailing documents and has certified more than 70,000 notes within the last year. He and his team are now processing and filing over 150,000 trailing documents each month. Vause has increased NTC’s Final Document service by 80%, has grown NTC’s abstractor network by more than 100% and has inventoried over 1 million trailing documents during his time with NTC.

Vause holds a master’s degree in education and has leveraged his passion for knowledge by learning all of NTC’s services and how each area of the company operates. Vause successfully applied his knowledge to assist in developing a new system for NTC’s Final Document services. 

“Having Mr. Vause on our team enables our company to grow and to continue delivering exceptional service to our clients. His desire for success is admirable, making him a model for fellow co-workers and truly NTC’s best-kept secret.”