After Jim Vaca joined Altisource in September 2014 as its vice president of vendor management operations, the company felt an immediate impact. He transformed a global team of more than 150 vendor sourcing and oversight professionals into a customer-centric, value-additive function while managing from the corporate office in Luxembourg.  Vaca

Now based in Charlotte, Vaca leads Altisource’s vendor management operations and is responsible for sourcing, negotiation and active oversight of thousands of vendors, the corporate insurance program and company travel functions. He does all of this while still bringing cost-saving efficiencies by strategically realigning teams and resources based on priorities. 

Additionally, in the spring of 2016, Vaca spearheaded the launch of Vendorly, an external-facing SaaS oversight platform designed to help financial institutions manage their vendors and meet regulators evolving vendor oversight obligations.

“Jim’s daily roles and accomplishments have positively affected the culture and future of Altisource, as well as the broader financial services industry.”