2017 HW Insiders: Lara Rausch

Vice President of Products and Training at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

Lara Rausch’s contributions to PRMG have greatly impacted product development and training for the company, significantly elevating its guidelines. 


Rausch and her team have created and curated robust, searchable guidelines that originators, underwriters and account executives all review to create consistency in the loan process. 

As her nominator wrote, Rausch’s “work ethic is second to none and her impact on the company reaches far beyond guidelines, product management and training.” Rausch also manages the originators and sales team “Deal Desk,” working tirelessly to quickly respond to guideline questions 18 hours a day, including during weekends when originators in the field need support the most. 

Additionally, Rausch manages the training department for PRMG, which is responsible for educating hundreds of employees on a wide range of topics.

“It is amazing the level of service she provides. Emails are replied to in minutes and this includes the weekend. When investors are reaching out to Lara for help on their own guidelines, that says it all.”