Anatoliy Pavlishin began his tenure with Qualia shortly after it was founded in 2015 and has been a crucial member of its team since. Pavlishin

As the head of title and escrow, Pavlishin, who has a “can-do” attitude, has made it his mission to translate pain points he uncovers into valuable technological conversations with product engineers and designers. He is able to seamlessly switch gears by working with customers then engineers, then to the company stakeholders, all while maintaining a clear demeanor and message that precisely articulates the right leadership at the right time. 

Pavlishin’s contributions to the company go beyond product development. A proponent of sharing information in order to make everyone at the company better, he hosts “Qualia University,” a monthly lunch-and-learn session to share what his team learned that month. 

“Anatoliy’s selfless efforts and impact on our culture made Qualia what it is today. He constantly seeks ways to use his skills and newly acquired learnings to improve the lives of those around him, both customers and coworkers.”